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Create added value and drive booth engagement with Trade Show Headshots

Everyone is looking for a modern, new way to create added value at their upcoming trade show or convention.  Marshalling all of the various resources that it takes for any large industry get together is a huge investment on both the part of exhibitors, organizers and attendees.  Everyone wants to learn, network, sharpen their skills, and produce as much benefit and value for their mutual investment as possible.  And everything needs to happen in a well organized, coherent and fluid manner.

With our current modern digital working environment, that personal connection is often missing.  Everything happens online now, with team phone calls, working remotely and evaluating potential job applicants based merely on their resume alone.

Your professional headshot should convey who you really are.  It should speak volumes about your character, your energy, your essence, all of this combined into a single digital image.  The Headshot Factory℠ contributes so much more than just the amazing technology which can facilitate this presentation.  The most important component of any fantastic headshot is how that subject feels, captured in that exact moment.  That’s why so much of what we do is coaching, timing, cracking jokes, helping your guests pose and put their most authentic expression forward.  And we do all of this, engage your guests with a smile, capture this single impressive photo, and then on top of all of that we provide instant digital delivery via our sharing kiosks.  Instant gratification.

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Create a buzz with The Headshot Factory℠

Trade Show attendees will notice your captivating headshot booth from a mile away.  You can’t miss our huge 7 foot softbox umbrella and studio flash unit popping off.  Guests will see your sponsor branding on attractive and plentiful signage at every point in their steady approach to your headshot photo booth.  Beautiful faces abound on our digital sharing kiosk and everyone waiting their turn to be an instant model, if only for a few minutes.

We built The Headshot Factory℠ from the ground up with the intention of providing trade show swag which people actually need.  Everything in life and business is based on mutual exchange of value.  Typical trade show give aways like candy bowls, cornhole games, raffles and branded lanyards just don’t work anymore.  Hire us and provide your industry leaders and future clients and business partners something of incredible intrinsic value – an amazing, crisp professional headshot.  Everyone will want to take advantage of this luxurious opportunity to update their professional profiles, and it will be completely clear who provided this unique professional photo opportunity possible.

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Add incredible value in a very short period of time

Our usual one on one headshot fee is $300 per client.  One of our trade show headshots booths can easily crank out 100-300 guests per day, for a true market value of $30,000-$90,000 per day, and therein lies our entire value proposition.  We only charge a small percentage of what our services are worth, and white label the entire experience for your branding purposes to boot.  Event attendees who have worked with a professional headshot photographer before are blown away at the quality of their portraits, along with the lightning speed of their digital delivery.

When your guests email themselves their finalized, approved images, our in house proprietary technology instant creates a micro website with your branding message, containing only their photos.  Nobody wants to have to wade through thousands of other photos in a huge gallery somewhere.  Not to mention the privacy benefits of this system which we have polished and perfected through the experience of hundreds of thousands of headshots over the years.  

Every part of our process and photo system has also been streamlined over the years.  We can size down our set up to fit into a space as small as the minimum 10×10 exhibitor booth, with plenty of room for signage on both sides still.  We can spread out and take up a 20×20 corner area if that is what you have reserved for your trade show space.  Whether you make your booth for professional headshots the focal point and center piece to your exhibit hall or want to have a line of folks chomping at the bit to update their headshot at your booth, we can make it happen.  We always quote a flat rate, inclusive of our travel, freight and lodging costs, so our clients know their total investment up front.  Everything is crystal clear when you choose to hire The Headshot Factory℠, not just our photos!

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