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Give your attendees something they actually need with a Headshot Station

Book The Headshot Factory℠ and give your upcoming annual meeting the chance to maximize it’s impact on your cohort.  In today’s seemingly completely digital working environment, every professional needs an impressive headshot.  Our headshot station gives them that opportunity, completely white labeled, and in an incredibly short amount of time.  So you can get back to work.  

Most folks nowadays have either never had the opportunity to work with a great headshot photographer, have never made the time or wanted to pay the high cost involved, and are using blurry iPhone photos to present themselves in their digital materials.  The Headshot Factory℠ uses the same exact studio quality equipment as your local headshot photographer, custom crafted for extended periods of high speed production.  We get every setting right “in camera,” eliminating the need for a time consuming post production process. 

Our convention headshots were purpose built to deliver an incredible amount of value, while not taking up huge chunks of your busy event attendees time.  We always provide your final, approved images instantly via our proprietary social sharing technology.  Every aspect of your experience was carefully crafted to present your company branding and messaging.  We offer fully flexible HTML emails to deliver the images.  Our sharing kioks instantly create a unique URL for every email address submitted, ensuring your guests only receive their personally approved photos.  We brand the kiosk design itself to match your desired company logos, and guests will see the table top banner from afar as well.  

How we help your guests “Get the shot”

There are an incredible number of components which go into capturing a beautiful professional headshot.  The team at The Headshot Factory℠ has ironed out our process through the experience of hundreds of thousands of guests over the years.  We use an unbelievably diffuse light source which makes all of your conference attendees look like a model.  Full frame cameras provide exceptional color, contrast and brilliance.  All Headshot Factories utilize very high powered portrait lenses to provide that shocking and revealing amount of focus on the subjects face.  All of this adds up to a luxurious expo headshots process, delivered instantly with our touchscreen kiosks.

Even more imporant than the gear we bring to your event, is our expert coaching.  We work in depth with each guest, help them clean up their wardrobe, guide them through the same series of poses, snapping a couple dozen photos along the way.  Verbal inputs help guests change up their expression, get comfortable, and open up.  Not a typical smiling photo taker?  We help you take a thoughtful, competent, caring photo.  We use visualization and word association techniques to see how people react, and we are standing by to capture their ever changing expressions with our headshot station.  We will shamelessly crack jokes to get even the stuffiest corporate executive to show us a real smile, and laugh out loud.

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What does your Headshot Station cost?

The benefit of hiring The Headshot Factory℠ is that we provide photos valued in excess of ten times what your investment will be.  One on one headshot photographer sessions typically run about $300, and we are able to churn out finalized approved headshots for between 100-300 guests per day.  This adds up to an accurate market value of $30,000-$90,000 a day, and that’s where the magic lies.  We offer up all of this value, white labeled for your sponsorship purposes, for around 1/10 of what it’s worth.  These facts make choosing our trade show headshots service to present as a potential sponsor opportunity a no brainer.  

No event is too big, and no local conference is too small.  Give us a shout and we will provide an accurate, detailed quote for a half day, three days of service or a nationwide, multiple event brand activation rollout.  We can handle it for you, and provide the simplification of only having to deal with one point of contact for all of your events.  The Headshot Factory℠ is available anywhere in the continental US at a very reasonable flat rate, and globally if travel costs are covered.  We always quote a very easy to understand flat rate, and we absorb all travel costs for events in the US.  You do not need to worry about inflated budgets, padded expense accounts or per diem fees.  We do this all the time.  Our headshot stations are sized down and packed specifically to fit easily on any current commercial airline service.  Don’t worry, we can cover the overweight baggage fees.  🙂 

The same high quality headshots, without the huge egos, marketing fluff and padded expense accounts