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Instant on site headshots via our Headshot Lounge

We pride ourselves in providing an exceptionally high quality headshot experience in an incredibly short span of time.  Our headshot booths provide your event attendees the ability to create a shockingly crisp, glowingly exposed professional portrait in a matter of minutes.  Hire The Headshot Factory℠ to provide our siganture headshot lounge service when you want to give your guests luxurious, complimentary access to one of our headshot photographers.  

The Headshot Factory℠ provides flattering lighting using our huge seven foot softbox umbrellas.  We can provide a more glamourous lighting option or tone it done for a more corporate look.  The list of our clients includes major tech companies trying to drive foot traffic to their trade show booth, and event planners who want to add more value for their conference attendees.  

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Unique Branding Opportunity

Headshot Lounge at Inside Credit Conference

The Headshot Factory℠ was contracted through the event planning team for the Inside Credit Conference to provide our headshot lounge service in February 2020.

The Inside Credit Conference is where lenders, top execs, industry insiders and experts gather to learn about strategic business development and growth opportunities.  The conference focuses on how best to address the unique issues and solutions necessary to meet the unique credit needs of underserved communities.

Sponsor branding was placed in four strategic locations to make sure it was completely clear who chose to offer this incredible opportunity for industry thought leaders to update their digital portrait.  Passersby were presented with a large pop up sign explaining their headshot lounge opportunity and displaying sponsor branding.  We also provide a branded micro website and custom HTML email for all clients.  We also custom brand the actual email sharing kiosk for consistent messaging.  All of these items add up to very clear communication of the value and provider of the service, and most guests appreciate the opportunity and take their place in line.   

Instant on site headshots

Our headshot sets are purpose built from the ground up to provide studio quality photos, without the wait.  The approach of traditional headshot photographers usually entails meeting their clients at their studio, spending between one and two hours with each client.  This time is taken to get to know you, and provide the opportunity to let you have several wardrobe choices during your session.  Hundreds of photos are taken with the goal to provide just a few “keepers,” i.e. a photo which is absolutely fantastic and serves your specific purposes.  Then that photographer enters their post production process, color correcting, cropping, tossing out unusable photos etc.  Finally, weeks or perhaps months later, the client finally receives their finalized digital gallery.

The difference with The Headshot Factory℠ is both the time it takes to take the photos, the cost involved for the end user, and the time it takes to receive the final images.  With typical session fees of $200-$400 depending on regional factors, most professionals just put off hiring a headshot artist.  Busy professionals also just don’t have the time it takes to visit their local photographer.  A couple hours for their session time, plus travel to and from the studio, and it ends up consuming almost half a day a busy executive or salesperson could have spent doing their job.

When you choose us, that same professional can handle their headshot needs in mere minutes, for free.  Our convention headshots system has evolved over many years and hundreds of thousands of headshots to get all the camera and lighting settings correct, “in camera.”  This translates to your guest not having to spend hours at a studio, hundreds of dollars in costs, and then wait weeks to get their photos.  Our system delivers that same quality, instantly, and that is our entire value proposition.  If our headshot lounge only serves 100 attendees each day, at a $300 value each, that means we generated photos worth $30,000 that day.  And we only charge a small fraction of that value, and white label the entire opporunity for you or your sponsor.  Our record performance is 300+ guests each day, for nearly a six figure value.

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What goes into an incredible headshot?

There are many factors which contribute to that one amazing headshot photo.  From the guests standpoint, making sure to stay properly hydrated the night before their headshot is crucial.  Everyone looks better with the maximum volumization of their skin tone and individual complexion.

As far as wardrobe, the more individual items included in each shot, the better.  Necklaces, scarves, even pocket kerchiefs go a long way to adding additional texture, personalization and improving the overall composition of your headshots.  You are unique – display your individualism to the world in your digital portraits.  Our powerful headshot photo booth produces a beautiful, shallow depth of field and those compositional elements will usually be tastefully blurred out anyway.  They just add to a photo with more natural flair and panache.

As far as the technical aspects from our end, we use an incredibly diffuse light source to provide unbelievably glowing subjects.  A beautiful “catch light” is visible in the eyes of each subject from our studio flash systems.  We use beautiful full frame cameras which provide incredible vibrancy and saturation, showing off the individual aspects of every guests face and the contrast provided by their wardrobe selection.  Our high powered portrait specific lenses provide an incredibly shallow depth of field, free of aberrations, with a sharp focus on the face.  And our photographers shamelessly crack jokes, help your guests pose, provide changing verbal inputs.  The end result is one, magical, authentic expression, captured permanently and indelibly, and delivered immediately via our sharing kiosk.