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Expo Headshots – The Ultimate trade show conversation starter

Choosing to have a presence at your industry trade show is a huge commitment of time, money and energy.  Everyone is there to learn, network, sharpen their skills and connect with other industry influencers.  Make the decision to stand out, and hire The Headshot Factory℠ to add value and drive traffic and conversions at your show. Traditional trade show freebies insult your new contacts intelligence, but everyone needs a great headshot.  Expo attendees do not want a branded pen, forgot about who sponsored their coffee break immediately, and they will never forget who offered this unique and luxurious headshot booth experience. 

Driving Traffic and Conversions at the IFA Conference

The Headshot Factory℠ was contracted to help drive engagement at the largest convention in the huge Franchise industry space.  Our client was a boutique PR agency who wanted to connect with industry titans in a natural, organic manner.  Our conference headshots booth displayed their branding prominently and was flanked on both sides by human height banners, explaining what was going on and inviting passersby into their headshot booth. Franchise executives were impressed with the quality of the experience being offered and hopped in line.

We work with every guest to help them put their best foot forward.  The most important piece of producing a fantastic portrait is how that person feels, in that exact moment.  Our headshot photographer worked with each guest, having them take off their expo badge, providing postural cues to help them change up their expression, and captured authentic smiles.  Our instant sharing kiosk made it a snap to send themselves their preferred portraits, instantly.  Our custom programmed HTML emails delivered the client’s branding and messaging, along with each subjects brilliant headshot.

expo headshots client
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What goes into a fantastic, white labeled headshot booth experience?

The first important aspect is the quality of the gear we use.  A true professional headshot requires a full frame camera to provide those bright, vivid colors, beautiful skin tones and exceptional contrast.  We use a portrait lens to provide impressive compression on each subject, with a shocking focus on just their face.  A true headshot artist focuses on conveying who that person really is, at their core, in one amazing digital presentation of just their face.  Your face is the most individually distinguishable component of who you really are, and we have perfected both the art and the science behind providing unbelievable headshot lounges.  We use an incredibly diffuse light source to provide a flattering glow for every guest.  Our lighting and exposure is endlessly adjusted to make you and your team look like rock stars.  Most folks who wear glasses every day can still wear their glasses in our expo headshots booth, because we work with such soft lighting.  No crazy reflections from aggressive anti-glare coatings.  We usually suggest that people who wear glasses typically leave them on, to portray the way they look in every day life.

Even more important than the technical aspect of what we do, is the human side.  You can’t capture a great photo of someone if they aren’t in anything less than a great frame of mind.  Our headshot photographers are incredibly patient, endlessly working with your expo attendees all day to quickly, easily and painlessly produce an exceptional portrait.  We pride ourselves in “getting the shot” with even the most difficult to photograph subjects.  Some guests feel comfortable, take a few quick snaps, crack a smile and are in and out of our headshot lounge in a jiffy.  But some people just need more time to get their one “keeper” photo, and we are there to provide it.  We help them pose, change up the angles of their shoulders and head, crack jokes, and relentlessly pursue that one great photo which captures their essence.  And we do it all with instant digital delivery, white labeled just for you.

Incomparable ROI with Expo Headshots

Your company has made the decision to have a presence at your next conference.  You need something to show for it.  Travel costs, booth rental fees, lodging and employee costs all add up quickly.  You need a great way to ensure your booth space stands apart from the rest.  Branded lanyards, cornhole games and candy dishes only go so far nowadays.  We have all been to so many shows that everyone basically discards these items as being somewhat worthless, because they are.  Give trade show attendees something of true value, like a beautiful, professional headshot, and see them line up to use your headshot booth and chat with you.  Return home with a long list of potential future prospects, networking contacts and industry insiders.  Justify your next year’s trade show expenditure by presenting that contact list to your budget managers and executives.  The cost of hiring The Headshot Factory℠ is a pittance in comparison to the cost of the organically collected future business contacts you will receive when you book our team.