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Reserve The Headshot Factory℠ for your exhibit hall space, and drive massive foot traffic and conversions by providing truly high value for industry attendees.

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No method of driving engagement in the convention industry is more effective than offering convention headshots

Offer convention headshots at your next show

It’s not a freebie – it’s a new connection.

Making the commitment to book a space at your upcoming trade show is extremely expensive.  Staff travel, booth rental fees, employee costs – everything adds up.  You need to have some sort of method of driving engagement, as well.  You have to be able to quantify your ROI for upper management or investors after the fact.  The same old freebies like branded lanyards, cornhole games and sponsored coffee breaks just do not work anymore.  How can you naturally engage with trade show attendees and turn them into clients?  Convention Headshots are the solution.

Everything in life is mutual.  Every business relationship, or any relationship, has to mutually benefit both parties, or the relationship will eventually fail.  Have you ever noticed how reticent some folks are at even making eye contact with your trade show booth?  Nobody wants to be hard sold anything.  Give them the opportunity to meet you naturally by offering them something of true value – a free, professional headshot station experience.

Conference attendees are being pitched constantly from the moment they enter the exhibit hall.  Why not try a different tack, and see if offering them something they actually need will increase your conversions?  Book The Headshot Factory, and you will have a line around the corner of potential contacts interested in meeting you.  No hard selling necessary.

Quantifiable ROI – No other method of generating traffic and engagement can compare to offering convention headshots

Hire The Headshot Factory℠, and watch your event attendees line up to get their time in your booth for professional headshots.  Forget about renting furniture and sponsoring lunch breaks.  Reserving a headshot set will add much more value to each individual’s day, and drive unbridled traffic and conversions at your show.  We are able to connect with your prospective customers in a way which feels natural and inviting.  Everyone in today’s modern digital environment will benefit from an updated headshot, and you will never be forgotten as the company who gives it to them.

As guests walk up to your convention space, they will be presented with tasteful messaging and signage at every point in the interaction.  We custom brand our sharing kiosk, tabletop banner,  and your custom HTML emails.  The entire process is very intentionally built from the ground up to give you natural opportunities to meet and greet your future contact.  Hire The Headshot Factory℠, and let us bring the foot traffic to you.

No event is too big and no show is too small.  We can help you add an incredible amount of additional value for 200 or 20,000 attendees.  The Headshot Factory℠ is available nationwide, with travel to Chicago, LA, Texas and New York being the most common.  Of course we love working at home in San Francisco and Las Vegas.  We prefer to always quote all inclusive costs, so our clients know up front what their total investment will be.  We usually absorb all travel, overweight baggage fees, accommodations etc. and are basically fully contained and self sufficient at most events.

convention headshots booth guest
convention headshots

how we do what we do – The Headshot Factory℠

Everything has to line up, in the heat of the moment, to capture an incredible headshot.  Every Headshot Factory comes equipped with gorgeous studio lighting systems which were designed to provide a warm, flattering glow.  Our full frame cameras and portrait lenses provide incredibly vibrant colors, and that compressed, artistic image, with a very shallow depth of field.  These are images your attendees will want to keep – and they receive them instantly via our digital sharing kiosks. 

Our proprietary, in house portrait delivery system lets your guests see their headshots, right away.  We custom brand the kiosk itself, the fully flexible, completely customizable HTML email which is generated when guests send themselves their selected portraits, and the micro website which is created immediately as well.  We also provide a small table top sign, indicating who has provided this luxurious experience and containing their desired sponsor messaging as well.  

Expert coaching is the key to making the magic really happen.  By far our strongest suit is working with the people involved.  We provide small postural pointers to help your guests put their best foot forward.  Some people are the huge smile types, and some are looking for a more reserved, professional, thoughtful look.  We play word association games to work with your attendees, getting them to dynamically change their expression and capture something real.  

No one else at your show will be able to provide an equivalent amount of additional value in a matter of a couple of minutes.  Your convention headshots will be very intentionally set up to give you the optimum amount of time needed to actually meet and chat with your prospects.  We collect all data from our sharing kiosk and can instantly hand over that information to your marketing team on site, even before we break down at the end of your event if you like.