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Conference Headshots at RFMA 2020

Conference Headshot Photo Booths

We just returned from the huge Restaurant Facility Management Association’s Annual Conference at the Gaylord Rockies in Denver.  The Headshot Factory℠ was contracted to take part in their annual show to provide conference headshots and work in tandem with their event production crew to provide photo booth services with a fun mock ski lift set as well.  Having these multiple types of photo opportunities for event attendees was a hit, and the RFMA crew benefited from having one point of contact to manage all their photographic needs.

Our role at the show kicked off with the Females in Facilities breakout session.  Females in Facilities is a group for women in RFMA. This group is organized by Restaurant Facility Management Association board members and is dedicated to the empowerment and positive engagement of women within the RFMA community. The group’s intent is to encourage members to stay in touch, share best practices and offer their support to other females in the industry and discuss the unique challenges women encounter in the world of Facility Management.

The decision was made to offer a, well, less traditional and more fun headshot booth experience.  We brought along one of our festive gold sequin backdrops to match their event decor.  The headshot lounge was quite the hit and really fun for the ladies in attendance, in between speaking sessions and team building exercises.  

Sponsorship branding is always an integral part of every photo service we provide, so we made sure to update their sharing kiosk, HTML email and micro website branding for consistency.

Festive Custom Ski Lift Photo Set

One of the small perks to working with The Headshot Factory℠ is the breadth of our experience and being able to execute on many different types of event needs for our clients.  We can provide streamlined, high quality trade show headshots, corporate event photography solutions and photo booth rental services as well.  Give us a call and we will set you up for success and cut down on your vendor communication needs!

We started off the opening ceremonies with an amazing experience with a live band and a festive ski lift photo set, being that the event was set in Denver in Winter.  Sponsor branding was displayed prominently, and event attendees loved the instantly available digital files via our sharing kiosk.

We made the decision to arrange the photo layout in the portrait orientation to capture as much of the beautiful set the RFMA team had created.  A real old school fixed grip ski lift, restored and painted red, sporting a classic pair of antique skis.  They finished off the super cute photo set with snow dusted trees in the background.

Sponsor information was displayed tastefully at the bottom of every digital print and the kick off party was a hit!

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Adding Value with Conference Headshots

We then moved on to our usual event role: taking fantastic expo headshots in the exhibit hall.  And delivering them instantly via our proprietary sharing kiosk technology.  The RFMA team made a solid decision on our favorite professional gray backdrop for their conference headshots.

We were featured prominently in the very center of the exhibit hall space.  Our central location and fantastic, electrically charged headshots made us quite literally the center piece of the show!  Everyone who came by the headshot area was blown away by the quality of our photos, and they left the headshot booth with a smile and an updated digital portrait.

One of our favorite experiences was a manager bringing by their new, up and coming star salesperson.  It was abundantly clear how important having a great headshot was for the success of their team.  Nothing motivates an employee like their boss telling them to get an updated headshot!  🙂

The good folks with RFMA event management added a free standing cardboard sign with the appropriate sponsor branding and we followed suit.  Since different sponsors had paid for our portion of each different event’s costs, the team at The Headshot Factory℠ made sure to stay on top of having the appropriate logos and messaging at every step of the way.

conference headshots
conference headshots
conference headshots

What goes into an exceptional conference headshots experience?

We always joke with our guests that our headshot booth is where the magic happens.  Sure, we are masters of lighting and have lots of great tricks up our sleeves.  We use beautifully diffuse light sources to make your coworkers look like supermodels.  Our full frame cameras provide incredible contrast and gorgeous, accurate skin tones.  All of the portraits you see on this page and our entire website are exactly as they came out of our headshot booth, with no post production needed.  We take fantastic photos and deliver them to your guests immediately, for instant gratification.

Even more importantly than the technical aspect of what we do at The Headshot Factory℠, is the people side.  We are people persons.  We often get compliments like “You are so patient” and “I’ve never had a great headshots experience before this.”  Using high powered camera equipment and studio lighting systems means nothing if your guests aren’t in a great frame of mind.  We always search for that one stunning photo which successfully captures the true essence of that individual.  We use the same posing process, over and over again, for every client.  We work with their natural angles, their shoulders, even the placement of their feet to try to get the perfect angle for their headshot.  Everybody is different, and everyone has different needs.  Our photo systems are able to instantly adjust their height so each guest can be portrayed from an empowering angle.  We can quickly bump up or knock down the flash strength and signal to accommodate that individuals personal complexion and endlessly adjust the style of our headshot system to meet their needs.  And we also provide coaching, posing and postural cues to help squeeze out every little bit of magic we can with your conference headshots.