Booth for professional headshots

booth for professional headshots
booth for professional headshots guest
booth for professional headshots

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your first impression says a lot about you.  A prospective customer’s decision to work with you may be partially influenced by your professional headshot.  Our booth for professional headshots was built from the ground up to custom tailor your digital portrait to portray the sense of competency and confidence you need to succeed in today’s modern, digital business climate.

There are dozens of required components which need to fall in place to produce a crisp, professional headshot.  The Headshot Factory℠ will constantly adjust your lighting, camera angle, provide expert coaching and relentlessly pursue an amazingly luxurious photo opportunity for you and your event attendees.  Our goal is always to provide that one “keeper” photo which every guest will love and actually use for their LinkedIn profile or professional web presence.

One added benefit of hiring a booth for professional headshots is the added consistency in the appearance of the final product.  One goal of our clients is often to update their entire team photos for use on their new or soon to be released website.  Hire us, and get the added value of all of your portraits having the same lighting and camera settings for your entire executive team.  It just flat out provides a higher quality impression and helps you avoid the jarring appearance of photos of your team slapped together from several different photographers over many years.

Do you need to update name badges for your security provider, and actually care about the quality of the photos produced?  Give us a jingle!  The Headshot Factory℠ provided 927 crisp, clear professional headshots for Bloomingdales corporate HQ in NYC last December.  Do you need to capture additional data from each headshot session and attach that info to their shared photos?  Book The Headshot Factory℠ and let us know about your specific needs so we can describe how we can accomplish them together using our proprietary, in house sharing software.

booth for professional headshots
Brunette woman headshot photo booth
booth for professional headshots

On site booth for professional headshots – We come to your office!

Do you need great headshots for your entire crew, but don’t want the down time associated with travelling to a studio?  Give us a call and we can arrange to be on site at your office in no time!  Our on site headshot lounge always includes enough time for several wardrobe changes, to help your team put their best foot forward.  You won’t need to wait for delivery of your photos either, as all of our portraits are always delivered immediately via our instant sharing kiosk.  Why wait months for your final headshots to go through your old school traditional photographers post production process?

Our proprietary sharing program creates a branded, micro website with a unique URL for your guests with only their chosen photos.  We have this system dialed in.  No one wants to have to search through thousands of photos of other guests to find their own.  The micro sites which are created during this process also offer an excellent branding opportunity, and we work with every client to create a customized message.  Your guests will be able to refer back to this link at a later time, eliminating most of the need to find photos for them at a later date.

We do not place a time limit on how long your hundreds of customized photo galleries are hosted.  The entire experience was built with no corners cut to provide the most value for the least cost possible.  We provide truly impressive portraits, professional coaching and postural cues, get your attendees to laugh out loud, and finish out the whole package with instant digital delivery.

booth for professional headshots
booth for professional headshots
booth for professional headshots

Make your first impression count

In our current digital environment, your headshot can speak volumes about you.  Small differences in lighting systems, lens focal length, and the quality of the camera equipment used can make huge differences in the final product.  Even more important than the technical aspects of what we do, are the human ones.  We help thoroughly pose each attendee, figure out which side of their face is their “good side,” get them to open up, get them to laugh and genuinely express themselves, and it shows. 

The Headshot Factory has accumulated the experience of hundreds of thousands of headshots over the years and know how to work with your guests to achieve optimum results, in a matter of minutes.  We pride ourselves on working with even the most difficult photo takers, and we very often win them over and blow them away with the quality and speed of our booth for professional headshots.

Add Value and Create a more easily quantifiable Event ROI

Throwing a corporate event is a huge commitment of both your time, money, and your attendees time, too.  Crunching numbers before or afterwards isn’t an easy task.  How do you quantify all of the intangible benefits of attending your show?  New contacts, networking opportunties, improving your guests skills or whatever the goal of yor conference may be are all extremely valuable, but definitely hard to quantify.  Give your event attendees one more item they need to check off their list: a crisp, professional headshot.  Even with todays almost entirely digital working environment, most professionals still don’t have a fantastic digital representation of themselves.  And deliver that luxurious experience instantly via immediate digital sharing with one of our headshot booths.  Save them the $300 it takes on average at a studio, and make yourself and your company look like rockstars.