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Headshot Booths – Add Additional Value or Drive traffic and conversions at your conference

Give your event attendees the opportunity to update their professional headshot, instantly. 

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Your best option for added value and booth engagement – Our Headshot Booths

Everyone needs a great headshot in today’s modern digital business environment.  Your digital footprint speaks volumes about your personal energy and your brand.  When it’s time to update your website, your LinkedIn profile or even just adding a personal touch with your portrait in your email signature, you need a fantastic headshot.  But we are all so busy and spending the time and money to find your best local headshot photographer is usually very costly.

That’s where The Headshot Factory℠ comes into the picture.  Our headshot artists are thoroughly trained to crank out thousands of unbelievable headshots, all day long.  Your convention guests will have a brief session and walk away with their updated digital portraits in a matter of a couple minutes.  We consistently receive feedback from attendees who are shocked at how smooth our entire process is from start to finish.  The Headshot Factory℠ provides perfectly exposed, crystal clear, powerful headshots with instant digital delivery.  Our team prides itself on applying a consistent approach to all guests, including the ones who begin their interaction with us with “I never take good photos.”  We work relentlessly to help your guests pose, get comfortable, laugh out loud and the end result is capturing an authentic expression.  Trade show visitors don’t need another branded keychain or sponsored coffee break.  But they do need an updated headshot and they will never forget who sponsored their luxurious headshot experience. 

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Components of an amazing headshot booth experience

Providing a truly shocking professional headshot experience requires not just our studio quality gear, but professional coaching which can only be acquired through years of experience.  None of your convention attendees are professional models, so we use alluring lighting systems and provide expert postural cues – cracking jokes the entire time.  We will get you to smile and have a good time, capturing everything and delivering the final product immediately.  We apply a consistent approach with your guests, figure out which is their “good side,” provide verbal inputs to help them change up their expression, and we always aim to deliver that one magical photo which they will love and put into use.

A proper headshot is a one which presents the subject from the chest up, with a powerful focus on their face.  There are lots of photos of professionals we see nowadays which are passed off as headshots, but do not really follow this simple guideline.  A photo of your guest’s entire body standing in a beautiful outdoor setting may be a great shot, but it’s not a great headshot.  A headshot describes who that professional really is, and the most individually distinguishable expression of someone’s true essence is their face. Our headshot sets will always stick to our core competency and help all guests put their best face forward.  When you hire The Headshot Factory℠, expect warm skin tones, a shallow depth of field and the use of an incredibly diffuse light source to make your attendees glow.

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What will the guest experience look like?

One of the most often asked questions from clients considering hiring us is “How will this work for our guests?”  Conference attendees will see our huge seven foot softbox umbrella and camera flashing all the way across the trade show floor.  As they approach they will see a small line of other guests waiting briefly to utilize your headshot set.  They will notice the sponsor’s branding displayed prominently, and they will get in line to use the headshot area.  Our photographer welcomes them into the headshot area with a smile and a joke, and then we get to work.

The final product, a genuine expression, is captured and then distributed to the user instantly via our email kiosk.  After just a minute or two, we present the guest’s photos on our instant sharing kiosk, and they are able to send themselves their finished portraits, immediately.  They receive your custom crafted HTML email with their photos instantly.  On top of that, our proprietary technology creates a micro website which contains your sponsor messaging and also archives their preferred “keepers” for them to refer back to when they get home from the show.  Most guests will have several great “keepers” to choose from, and they are usually blown away at how seamless, high quality and fast we deliver the entire package.  We have the entire photo system dialed from the experience of hundreds of thousands of users over the years.

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What branding opportunities will we receive?

The Headshot Factory℠ was purpose built from the ground up to offer multiple locations for your branding and messaging.  It will be abundantly clear who provided this deluxe headshot opportunity.  There are four presentation points for your branding to be displayed.  We provide a small table top banner with your custom created message for all passersby to see what is going on and get excited to use your headshot set.  We custom craft an HTML email which is fully flexible and ready to receive all of your inputs.  This is the email which is instantly sent to each guest who enters their email address.  The micro website which is created will also mimic all of your sponsorship elements.  We also create a custom graphic overlay for the sharing kiosk itself, which is highly visible and will assist in telling your story.

There are usually two categories of clients who hire The Headshot Factory℠.  The first are individual exhibitors who need a completely seamless solution to drive traffic and conversions at their upcoming trade show.  The second are conference organizers themselves who desire a new, cutting edge way to exponentially increase their convention attendees event satisfaction.  No matter which type you are, it will be crystal clear who has sponsored their luxurious headshot experience and given them this fluid way to update their professional portrait.

Hear what others have to say about our headshot set

“Our software company hired The Headshot Factory℠ for an industry show at the Moscone Center. They did a wonderful job in all aspects, we don’t have a single complaint. Everything was extremely professional, the pricing was reasonable, and there wasn’t a single problem across the entire three day event. The tech was simple to use and our staff were able to pick it up immediately and use it themselves.

We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future. Highly recommended. We love our headshots.”

~Bhaskar, ~ Yelp!

“We had a great experience with The Headshot Factory℠ in SF. Should we want to offer headshots again, they would be our first call.”

~ Dan LaBert
Director of Events
National Assn. of Consumer and Bankruptcy Attorneys

“The pictures came out great and we gained a lot of social media exposure from it. We definitely want to use them again for other events/promotions we are doing with our brand.”

~ Melanie, ~ Yelp!

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UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

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Having more than 7 years of professional headshot photography experience I’ve developed a studio quality headshot booth that provides real value to your attendees and increases their event satisfaction exponentially.

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Instant Digital Delivery

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